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Edamame, The Beans You Need!

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Who does not know Edamame?

Edamame is soybeans from Japan that is well-known have a multiple good benefits for health. Many nutrition experts even recommended Edamame as a healthy yet yummy snack that can be eaten everyday because this soybean is rich in various essential nutrients that needed for skin, body and brain health.

Japanese soybeans contain some essential vitamins including vitamins A, C, B, and K. Edamame also contains at least 9 essential amino acids, which are equivalent to proteins in eggs and meat. Excess edamame than regular soy can not be denied. This Japanese soybean has a low trypsin-inhibitor, which makes it easy to digest in the body.


Edamame is enriched with high amounts of calcium. Important compounds contained in them such as isoflavones and saponins. Both of these compounds have antioxidant properties, which are useful for maintaining skin beauty.

As a food that has a high source of vegetable protein and antioxidants, Edamame is highly recommended for consumption. From earlier we have already mention what kind of useful nutrients for health that contains in Edamame. But actually what is the benefit for consuming this beans? Lets take a look at the following review.

  • Preventing Diabetes

We all know that diabetes is one of killer disease and often we do not realize if we’ve been consuming sugar excessively. Therefore, edamame is there to preventing diabetes. You can add Edamame as a side dish or one of recipe ingredients in your daily healthy food menu.

  • Lowers Cholesterol

Edamame does not contain cholesterol like any other beans, in fact it can actially help to lowers cholesterol. The content of isoflavones and lesithin in Edamame, could destroy and dispel bad cholesterol in the body.

  • Nourishing Skin

As we mention before, Edamame comes with vitamins A and C that have powerful antioxidants, which can prevent the adverse effects of free radicals. These free radicals can damage healthy skin cells, but with the presence of antioxidants from Edamame then the damage can be prevented. So you will get healthier and more beautiful skin.

There so much more benefits of this healthy beans. Lets change our unhealthy snack with this little one!

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